Becherspender, transparent, für EWTrinkbecher 120-300 ml    Artikel Nr.: RP3165

becherspender transparent                                    becherspender transparent        



, transparent, mit Flipdeckel, für EWTrinkbecher 120-300 ml, mit maximalen Trinkranddurchmesser 80 mm, Röhrenlänge 508 mm, bei stationärem Gebrauch Lieferung inkl. Vorrichtung zur Wandmontage (eine Aufhängung)   
 becherspender flip flap


Little Pull-Type Drinking water Mug Dispensers The Little Pull–Type becherspender Drinking water Mug Dispensers are made along with wise functions as well as obtainable in appealing colours as well as surface finishes to suit any kind of software.
Plastic material versions function long lasting, clear pipes with regard to simple checking associated with mug amounts. Switch limit retains mugs thoroughly clean as well as enables simple refilling.

 Functions or Advantages Self–adjusts to support an array of little flat-bottom as well as cone drinking water mugs Switch limit enables simple refilling Installation group works upon chillers or even any kind of flat working surface Long lasting plastic material or even stainless building Plastic material models tend to be clear in order to very easily keep track of mug amounts
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Exactly what otherwise must you understand as becherspender?
• Most reasonably priced choice with regard to dishing out mugs about the counter-top
• Easy to use, simple to change
 • Minimum upkeep
• Obtainable along with aspect sections which much better safeguard mugs • Optionally available hay owner as well as spindles with regard to dome covers
• Arranged this as well as overlook this gaskets supply sleek tamper-proof dishing out
• Features a gasket load up to support a variety of dimensions
• Replaceable gaskets
• Obtainable in set edge • Absolutely no put on components
• Simple, quick as well as precise changes
 • Flexible Life time Levers TM avoid marring associated with cups
• The most within sturdiness
• Absolutely no put on components
• Appealing look improves your own atmosphere
• Obtainable in a number of finishes/colors
• Self-adjusting models • Models along with clear pipe permit easymonitoring associated with mug amounts.