Becherspender, bruchfestem PE, für EWTrinkbecher 350-710 ml     Artikel Nr.: RP4410
Pull-Type Paper/Plastic Drink Mug Dispensers

The Pull–Type Paper/Plastic Drink Mug Dispensers are made to supply simple as well as effective one-at-a-time mug dishing out. These types of inexpensive self–adjusting dispensers get rid of mug harm and therefore are very easily packed in the best.
Functions or Advantages

Self–adjusts to support an array of document or even plastic material drink mugs
Gravity-fed dishing out; lots through best
Long lasting high-impact polyethylene
Walls attach; additionally works together with the counter top mug & cover dispenser remain (C3604)

becherspender pe                 becherspender pe             becherspender pe weiss

Becherspender aus bruchfestem PE, wahlweise in sandweiß (Lagerware) oder rot (auf Anfrage), für EWTrinkbecher 350 -710 ml mit maximalen Trinkranddurchmesser 98 mm, Deckel Chrom, Röhrenlänge 597 mm, bei Lieferung für stationären Gebrauch inkl. Vorrichtung zur Wandmontage (zwei Aufhängungen)
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